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Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park

Among the crowd, you may wish to find a place in Istanbul to take a deep breath and enjoy the nature: This place should be definitely Gulhane Park. It is a very large recreational area covering some of the former grounds of Topkapi Palace. That’s why it provides a main walkway from one gate to another. Gulhane Park is surrendered by trees, flowers; water fontana, footpaths, and even two important attractions: Museum of The History of Science and Technology in Islam and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar Library.

You can also find the Column of The Goths, and a Roman marble pillar from the 4th Century AD in the park. Although Gulhane Park had a zoo and a fun fair in the past; due to renovation it went through, it took its current shape.

In the outer garden of the palace, flowers were planted on the walk way of Sultan’s family. You can also see beautiful flowers today.

If you visit the park in April, you can also be impressed by tulips planted in Tulip Festival.

Additionally, you can see the Procession Kiosk (Alay Köşkü) built within palace walls to enable Sultans watch military processions outside. In fact, now it became a library.

Gulhane Park is a lovely place to relax. There are many benches to sit on under the trees. You can also enjoy yellow leaves coming down trees in autumn. Or you may relax under the welcoming shade of the trees in summers.

There is also a café belonging to Istanbul Cosmopolitan Municipality in the park. You can have a beverage or meal with affordable prices. The café provides a good place to have a rest.

Gulhane Park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. There is no admission fee.

You can reach there by the tram from Emionu- the station is ‘Gulhane Park’.

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