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Miniaturk: A Window To Turkey

Miniaturk: A Window To Turkey

Do You Want To Visit All Of Turkey In Just 2 Hours? Here is Miniaturk: A Window To Turkey

Miniaturk was opened on 2nd of May 2003. It is an exhibition area where many models of architectural works of many civilizations that once prevailed or left traces in Turkey are presented.

You can find many historical and natural attractions of civilizations such as Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantine Empire, Seljuks and Ottoman.

Just like its motto “A small model of a great country”, Miniaturk is a display window for Turkey. Miniaturk has models of architectural works at a scale of 1/25 of 134, chosen by the criteria of reputation, capacity to represent its era and the feasibility of the making of its model.

You will see not only modern Turkish culture works, but also other culture’s traces and co-existence of several civilizations in Ottoman era.  It is the symbol of civilizations dating back to 3000 years ago.

A team, supported by expert advisors, chose, by a painstaking selection procedure, the caravanserais, mosque complexes, madrasahs, bridges, railway stations, castles, defense walls, mausoleums, mosques, churches, synagogues, palaces, mansions, obelisks, monuments, statues as well as unique natural formations such as Pamukkale’s white cascades and Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys to be exhibited in Miniaturk.

You would feel as if you travelled across the whole Turkey since all models very faithful to their originals. Audio guide system provides information in nine languages: Turkish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi and Japanese.

Miniaturk is placed on is 60.000 sqm. You can find a restaurant, a café, a shopping mall, an open-air show ground and a children’s playground there.

Miniaturk includes also two museums which are The Panorama Victory Museum and The Istanbul Crystals Museum.

You can also have a photo in traditional Ottoman costumes with your friends. It is a really nice memory 🙂

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