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Sultan Ahmed Mosque

A Mystic Place to Visit in Istanbul- Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) and Square

Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is also called Blue Mosque, is one of the breath-taking mosques in Istanbul. Here some notes about history of Sultan Ahmed Mosque, going back to 17th century, it was architect -designed by Mehmet Aga, instructed by Sultan Ahmed I, the Ottoman ruler of that era. You may ask why Sultan Ahmed Mosque is called Blue Mosque?

That’s simply because Sultan Ahmed Mosque’s interior walls are surrendered by blue tiles. Sultan Ahmed mosque is not only a mosque but also it comprises a madrasa, a tomb of the founder and a hospice. Apart from being a touristic place, it also enables Muslim worshippers do their daily five prayers in the mosque. Of course, During prayers, tourists are not allowed to enter the mosque. One of the most asked questions is that whether there is a dress code when entering Sultan Ahmed Mosque or not. Since it is one of the holy places in which Muslims pray, you should take off your shoes and put in galoshes provided at the entrance. If you are a woman, then you should also cover your head and you can borrow at the entrance. Visitors are expected to be silent during their visit and flash photography is not allowed. You can enjoy the mystic ambience and also may luckily witness Ezan chanted from Sultan Ahmed Mosque historical minarets.

After visiting Sultan Ahmed Mosque, you can also discover Sultan Ahmed Square. Many souvenir shops enable you to buy various gifts such as handmade carpets, jewelry, postal cards, magnets and etc. You can also taste delicious Turkish cuisine in restaurants, one of which is famous ‘Sultan Ahmed Koftecisi (Meatball)’.

Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, the Archeology Museum, Gulhane Park, Grand Bazaar and Beyazid Square are some of the places nearby Sultan Ahmed Square. If you go to visit Istanbul in April, then you will have the chance to see Tulip festival. Sultan Ahmed Square is also one of the places where Tulips are planted during the festival.

You can reach Sultan Ahmed and Square by tram easily; the station is also called    ‘Sultanahmet’.

If you like to see historical attractions during your visits, then Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Square should be in your Istanbul trip list out of question. Enjoy your enchanting trip!

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