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Taksim And Istiklal Avenue

Taksim And Istiklal Avenue

One of the most popular visited places in Istanbul, Taksim and Istiklal Avenue attract many tourists every year. Istiklal Avenue or Independence Avenue in English is nearly 1.4 km and surrendered by many small and also interesting streets. You may even spend all the day exploring Istiklal Avenue.

The Avenue is crowded till mid-night and nearly all of the buildings on the avenue have historical background. Many dignitaries, intellectuals and people of affluence prefer hanging out here.

It was named as Independence Avenue in 1923 after the independence war. But it gained its current status in 1990s when Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality restored it.

Here some activities that you can do when you visit Taksim or Istiklal Avenue;

The Independence Monument stands in Taksim Square in the center, as the source of proud for Turkish war of independence; it is held by many Turks in great esteem. It stands there since 1928. Nearly 3 million people are said to pass this statue at weekends.

You can visit the churches in the area, especially the biggest one St. Anthony of Padua Church and get impressed by The Venetian Neo-Gothic architecture inside. You may even witness a ceremony if you are lucky.

You can make shopping, for that many shops selling traditional, antique, vintage and modern products are available.

If you are keen on taking photography, you should definitely visit Istiklal Avenue, and Galata Tower in Taksim to capture wonderful photos.

You can visit The Mevlevi Museum- Museum of Whirling Dervish and see one of the Sema rituals. You may learn some information about Sufism sect of Islam and Rumi, who was one of the greatest poets in the world.

Also Pera Museum is one of the museums worth seeing in Taksim. You can also see the world wide known painting ‘Tortoise Trainer’ by Osman Hamdi.

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Taksim And Istiklal Avenue

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